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Beef Heads is a food brand with a unique backstory and an even more distinctive image. Inspired by the founder's nickname, the brand represents resilience, perseverance, and turning a negative experience into something positive.


The Beef Heads logo features a burger with horns on top and fangs hanging out of the patties. This imagery represents strength, power, and a bold flavor that is sure to satisfy any burger lover. The horns on top of the burger symbolize the brand's commitment to quality and excellence, while the fangs represent the delicious and satisfying taste of the beef. The horns also convey a sense of adventure and excitement, implying that Beef Heads' burgers are not just ordinary, but are unique and exciting. The fangs suggest a sense of danger and thrill, hinting that the brand's burgers are for the bold and adventurous.


Overall, the Beef Heads brand represents a combination of strength, perseverance, adventure, and excitement. It is a brand that is not afraid to take risks and push the boundaries of traditional burger-making, while still staying true to its roots and the story that inspired its creation.


Clermont, Florida, USA

Bacolod, Philippines

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