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A few years ago, the dream of a different kind of pizza place was born. We wanted to develop a pizza brand that was unlike any other: one that offered tastier products than the national “fast food” pizza chains out there; one that felt laid back and relaxed - not so “corporate”; one that offered flavor profiles that you can’t find anywhere else; a place that was easy to order from and got to your door fast; a place that satisfies your pizza ”jones”. 


Now that the stars are aligned, it’s time to share the secret that some of us have known for a while and are ready to share with you… Pizza Jones!


From delicious pizzas, breadsticks, and cheese sticks to amazing sub sandwiches and zesty wings, to the sweetness of the best-frozen custard you’ve ever tasted, we can satisfy several of your joneses.


From the comfort of your parent’s basement — without having to put down your Xbox control, without having to get off the couch, without having to put your shoes on, without having to drive to the nearest pizza joint — we’ll squash those cravings for you.


Take a look at the Pizza Jones menu and see for yourself: We Got The Good Stuff!

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Clermont, Florida, USA

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